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Sexual Problems (यौन समस्याएँ)

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10 AM To 9 PM Hour

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Dr. Aniket Jadhav

In General, Erectile Dysfunction, Infertility, Premature Ejaculation And Female Frigidity Are Some Of The Most Common Sexual Problems. According To Ayurveda Sexsual Problems Is Because Of Imbalance And Affected Of ShukraDhatu

  1. 1) Erectile Dysfunction (क्लैब्य)

    Erectile Dysfunction Is The Inability To Get Or Maintain An Erection Long Enough To Have Sexual Intercourse

    Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction :-

    According To Ayurveda Erectile Dysfunction (क्लैब्य) Is Disorder Of Vata Dosha .Seven Types Of Erectile Dysfunction Are Mentioned In Ayurvedic  Manasik Klaibya Is Caused By Psychological Factors, Doshaj Klaibya Is Caused By Physiological Factors, Shukrakshayaj Is Caused By Deficiancy Of Shukradhatu, Vyadhij Is Cause By Some Other Disease Like Diabetes, Aghataj Is Caused By Surgical Or Accidental Trauma, Shukranirodhaj Is Caused By Suppression Of Sexual Urge And Sahaj Means Congenital.

    2) Premature Ejaculation (शीघ्रपतन)

    Premature Ejaculation Is Defined as Ejaculation of the Semen with Minimal Sexual Stimulation before the Completion of Satisfactory Sexual Activity for Both Partners.

    Causes of Premature Ejaculation (PME) :-

    Shukragat Vata Is A Pathological Entity Of Ayurveda Similar To Premature Ejaculation. Aggravated Pitta Dosha Travels in to the Channels Carrying Semen, Causing Semen to Decrease in Consistency, And Gets Ejaculated Before Sufficient Erection. Biological And Psychological Factors Can Also Play A Role In Causing Premature Ejaculation.

    3) Loss Of Libido(कामेच्छाकीकमी)

    Loss Of Libido Means The Loss Of Desire For Sexual Activity.  Loss Of Libido Is A Part Of Klaibya (Sexual Dysfunction) Disorder

    Causes Of Loss Of Libido:-

    Losing Your Sex Drive Is Common. It Can Be Linked To A Number Of Factors, Including Relationship Issues, Stress, Anxiety, Stress And Depression, Some Medical Conditions And Side Effects Of Medication.

    4) Oligospermia(अल्पशुक्राणुता)               

    Oligospermia Is A Condition In Which The Semen Has A Low Concentration Of Sperm And Is A Common Finding In Male Infertility

    Causes Of Oligospermia:-

    Varicoceles(Varicose Veins Around The Testes), Hormonal Disorders, Diseases Of The Testicles, And Obesity. Stress, Smoking, Drug Or Alcohol Use.

    5) Azoospermia (अशुक्राणुता)

    Azoospermia Is A Condition In Which No Sperm In The Ejaculate

    Causes Of Azoospermia:-

    Varicoceles(Varicose Veins around the Testes), Hormonal Disorders, Diseases Of The Testicles, And Obesity.Infection, Stress, Smoking, Drug or Alcohol Use.

    6) Female Frigidity(कामेच्छाकीकमी):-

    Lack Of Sexual Drive And Response This Problem Can Affect Both Male And Female

    Causes Of Frigidity:-

    Sexual Involvement, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Stress, Past Sexual Abuse, Or Conflict Between The Partners. Menstrual Cycles, Pregnancy, Lactation, Postnatal Period, Menopause, Injury To The Pelvic Region, Or Birth Control Pills/Hormones. PCOD

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